Meet the Family


We are Sean Naugle and Geneva Damico, currently living full time in a 25ft travel trailer with our two dogs on a mission to “travel with purpose”. Our innate curiosity, a love for rock climbing, the outdoors, and new experiences brought us together. While living up to our expected societal roles we quickly realized that simplifying our lives would be the only way for both of us to grow, flourish and be happy. After a lot of different ideas, tons of research, buying/selling a few different vehicles, some sketchy Craigslist test drives and hours of (sometimes heated) deliberation, we feel that we’ve settled on the best way for us to live fully. While our lifestyle might not be for everyone, we encourage you follow your passion and live the best way possible for you.

: Black Owl Media

The Family

Geneva Damico

Geneva (like the convention) received her yoga instructor certification in 2014 through Happy-U Namaste in Ocean Beach, CA. She is a compassionate ER RN with over…

Sean Naugle

Sean, founder of Black Owl Media, graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in 2009 and made the difficult yet obvious decision to follow his nomadic…