Summertime Tramway Bouldering


The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is the world’s largest rotating tramcar, taking you from a scorching 100 plus degree desert at 2,643 feet elevation, ascending up into a beautiful alpine setting at 8,516 feet. With temps in the low 70’s, Tramway makes for the perfect summertime getaway to beat the heat.


If you plan on bouldering at Tramway, just be prepared for every tourist and their mom to ask you the same question, “What is that thing on your back?”


When the tram car travels past a control tower on the way up, the whole rig swings back and forth, making it feel like a Disneyland ride, only you are hundreds of feet up in the air, packed tight like a bunch of sardines. You can tell from Geneva’s face this is her favorite part 🙂



Tramway_-8574Our friend James Kennedy came along for the day and was psyched on looking for new rock. It didn’t take us long to wander off the main trail.


This boulder was our first stop and provided several easier warm up climbs in the V0-V2 range.




Watch out for the abundance of  sap around, it is everywhere and will end up all over you and your clothing if not careful.



This rock had several moderate climbs on it and kept us thoroughly entertained.


James the heel hook master at work.



I’m not gonna lie, this climb was a little dicey and gave me the butterflies. I thank James for going first.

Tramway_-8758 Tramway_-8809 Tramway_-8765 Tramway_-8833We finished up the day working on this amazing boulder. Both James and I took multiple falls before James finally topped it out, I fell right before the last move and will have to go back to have my redemption. Geneva has been practicing her photography skills lately and has been killing it behind the lens. I’m always pointing the camera at her so it is interesting to have our roles reversed.

Tramway_-8706Hammocks are just plain magical after a long day of climbing. Thank you James for the picture.

Tramway_-8838 Tramway_-8864

What a day, we will definitely be going back soon.


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