Red Tailed Hawk Takes Flight

After six months now living as full time nomads we have started to become accustomed to not knowing what we might encounter each morning just pulling up the trailer blinds and looking out our living room window. Geneva and I were in the middle of eating some warm oatmeal and having coffee when she suddenly exclaimed to me to, “Did you just see that!!!? A huge hawk just flew by being chased by a bunch of black birds, you better get your camera!!”

From the looks of it, the red tailed hawk was the intruder to the area and the black birds (please comment if you know what they are) were fending it away from their nests. The hawk seemed pretty annoyed the whole time with their constant diving and pecking, but the drama went on for nearly an hour before the hawk was finally driven away. Here are some pictures of the action through a 400mm lens 🙂


~Sean Naugle

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