Rainbow Bouldering


For years I’ve overheard climbers talk about a secret spot in San Diego called Rainbow that is rumored to have some of the best granite bouldering in the area. Not just anyone can go there though, the land is privately owned by a group of climbers and access is invite only. Fortunately for us one of our friends knows the owners and we were granted passage for the day.

SD_Bouldering-3 SD_Bouldering-4199

Left: Coincidentally we saw a rainbow the night before we got to climb at Rainbow Boulders .  Right: James Kennedy on classic highball Snakebite.

Getting to the boulders requires a high clearance 4×4, Tommy’s Tundra did an awesome job of getting all of us there and back.

SD_Bouldering-4183 SD_Bouldering-4246

Left: Tommy cruises one of the warm up problems on a super fun arete. Right: Geneva got a good pic of me on Snakebite. Such a good route!

SD_Bouldering-4209 SD_Bouldering-4213

Tommy showing us how to do the scary hand toe match maneuver on Snakebite.


Victoria climbing a really cool slab problem.


Katie getting some slab action.

SD_Bouldering-4307 SD_Bouldering-4264

Left: Geneva on a sweet little crack/slab problem. Right: Tommy topping it out. Below: Geneva at the crux.


We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day of climbing and can’t wait for the next opportunity to get back out to Rainbow. Big thanks to Tommy and Mike for sharing their spot with us.


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