Yoga for Healthcare Professionals

Yoga has saved not only my sanity multiple times through my ER nursing career but it is also saving my body. Work, in general, is much more pleasant when I’ve been doing even short yoga sessions….my back doesn’t ache, my legs don’t feel tired and I’m not as easily irritated.

I began Yoga for Healthcare Professionals when I realized how great the need for yoga is in our field. It started with free classes in the park for the nurses I worked with in Oxnard, CA. The positive response got me thinking in a broader sense. A yoga retreat that specializes in this special breed of professionals (I’m one of them).

Yoga for Healthcare Professionals Retreat is a specialized retreat to focus on specifics of your profession. Connect with others who understand your shrewd sense of humor, your cynical outlook on life and the smells you’ve had to endure. Enjoy anything from one day of solace to a week away from it all while practicing the satisfying movement of yoga. To book a trip or for further details contact your fellow RN, Geneva by filling out the form below.

*All healthcare professionals welcome

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Lead Instructor

Geneva Damico

Geneva (like the convention) received her yoga instructor certification in 2014 through Happy-U Namaste in Ocean Beach, CA. She is a compassionate ER RN with over…