Nomad Life: Good Life

Bend, OR

It’s taken years but we’ve finally made it! Oregon has been on our list forever…yes, that’s a long time, they say patience is a virtue. As we were pondering our ongoing mission to get to Oregon earlier this summer, our friend Casey began telling us all about the amazing white water around his home of Bend, OR. We then realized Smith Rock, a climbing area loved by many, was right next door. Climbing and boating in one area! Our mission to get to Oregon suddenly became more specific.

We have now recently arrived in Bend and are already filling our days with adventure.  Casey has been introducing us to some of his favorite places and friends in the area.


The Deschutes River flows north through the heart of Bend.

So far dogs have been allowed in all the parks and land we’ve visited…usually requiring a leash. Zion is just stoked to get to swim again!



Casey helped us look for trailer spots. BLM is usually good for cheap/free off the grid camping. Most of the roads we found were not trailer friendly.

These wild guys, Casey and Tim, took us on our first Deschutes river trip (SEE VIDEO). “It’ll be fine!” They said. “It’s low water!” They said. Sean and I ran together in a small raft following our friends who have done many laps down Meadow Camp, class IV.  We had one close call…it had to do with a ‘room of doom’ and a quick high side. Requiring me to push a little outside of my comfort zone it turned out to be a lot of fun and totally deserved a beer after. Huge thanks to our guides for showing us the way!!


Casey introduced us to one of the many Breweries in town, GoodLife Brewing Company. He recommended their jalapeno poppers with a sampler….I loved the Sweet As Pacific Ale. What a perfect beer to top off a week of new places, friends and adventure…it’s such a Good Life!

Written by Geneva Damico

Photography by Sean Naugle and Geneva Damico

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