Nepal Still Needs You

Nepal Earthquake, 2015

Written by: Geneva Damico
Photography by: Geneva and Sean Naugle

Nepal may have fallen out of the headlines but the damage continues to exist. The precious lives that remain have no choice but to clean up mass devastation, suffer loss and find ways to survive.

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Over 200 children remain without a parent or caregiver, and more than 600 have lost one or both of their parents to the quakes. Over 32,000 classrooms have been destroyed and nearly 900,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed (source).

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Deep Deoja, President of Bishwa Seva Foundation, regularly leads sound meditations in San Diego that support children in Nepal. In May we attended and photographed one that focused on raising funds to increase efforts post earthquake. Bringing people into one space for one purpose creates a collective consciousness, awakens the universe and forms powerful energy. That night was just this. The focus, Nepal. A large group, including people experiencing sound healing for their first time, joined together to support, pay tribute and send light, love and healing to Nepal and everyone affected.

Bishwa=the world we live in
Seva=to serve

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In the last three months, the humanitarian community provided shelter assistance to 340,000 families, distributed food to over 2 million people and provided safe drinking water to some 2.5 million survivors in 14 most-affected districts (source).

According to Deep the project they are working on at this time is called “Smart House Nepal”. The Bishwa Seva Foundation website states, “We call upon people and ideas, locally and internationally, to help us in our quest to provide safe, environmentally friendly, sustainable and inexpensive houses designs for millions of people still living in temporary shelters.” They hope to address many other important issues while building new shelters such as pollution from raw sewage and deforestation by including both  alternative waste elimination and efficient stoves.

There is still a lot to be done! The more help they can get the faster Nepal begin to find peace.

Basic shelter will continue to be provided to families who lost their homes, as more-durable shelter solutions are sought and implemented. Aid agencies aim to assist more than 1.4 million people with food and another 1 million people with livelihoods support, and to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to 2.5 million people (source).

How you can help!

  • Attend a sound meditation,
  • Make a tax deductible donation,
  • Donate your time, skills, ideas
  • Spread the word, share this post with your friends and family
  • Continue to send your beautiful light and love to Nepal and all living things!

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