Moonlight Farms

Picking green bell peppers in the garden with my father at our home in Saratoga, California is one of my earliest and fondest childhood memories. At three years old I felt lost and in love as green vines and leaves rose up above me. I remember the taste of the bell pepper being sweet and bitter as I crunched down with my developing teeth. To this day I love the taste of a fresh green bell pepper. There are very few, if any, foods that I dislike, most of them I prefer in their rawest form and I have yet to find store bought produce that is comparable to home grown food.

As I learn more about GMOs and the effect they have on our world I am beginning to become  more cautious about the foods I choose. After a failure to pass the prop to label GMOs and a decreasing trust in our food industry I have decided that trying to buying organic products is the cleanest and safest way to eat. As a family we try to shop at farmer’s markets to support our local farmers. While local for us means San Diego we would like to highlight our friends farm in Nevada because they are working hard to make contributions to this movement that is being seen nationwide. So we made a road trip to Moonlight Farms in Logandale, Nevada.

We didn’t get in until very late at night. It was difficult to tell what the area looked like but by peering up at the billions of stars I knew we were in vast, remote land. Upon our arrival we sat on the porch with our Las Vegas friends, Mike and Brittany. I enjoyed the crisp breeze and natural silence that flooded through me as Mike and Sean caught up and reminisced. I sat in anticipation of the beauty that would overwhelm me the following morning.

Only a few hours later we were abruptly woken up by the shrill screech of the rooster, letting his family know it was time to work. It was barely light out and still quite chilly. Sean rolled over, gave me a kiss and wearily said, “I’m doing it, I’m getting up.” The night before he had promised to collect eggs and take photographs with Mike at sunrise. For a second I laughed and teased about the warm bed I wouldn’t get out of then quickly fell back to sleep.

Waking up to endless clear blue skies, clean air and fresh eggs made me feel at home. The boys told Brittany and I about their morning adventures and showed off the fantastic photos that Sean had captured. As you can see, I definitely missed out. We ate farm fresh organic eggs, Sean tasted goat’s milk for the first time and the couple told us about their new and improved lifestyle. Organic farming was a different road for Mike and Brittany. For them, their decision to make farming their primary source of income was completely life changing. They went from working in Las Vegas on the strip with a lot of human interaction and entertainment to a farm in the country with a lot of animal interaction and only self made entertainment.  It was interesting to listen to their stories. They told us about witnessing the birth and death of the animals, getting up before the sun every morning no matter how little sleep they got the night before, what they’ve learned from each other and about themselves. I continued to be impressed and in awe of this dedicated and hardworking young couple and wondered, to myself, how many people would take this difficult and risky opportunity to make a difference in the world and their immediate life.

Mike and Brittany have built a beautiful organic farm providing their community with GMO, chemical, herbicide and pesticide free fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk. While, at the same time, providing their animals a nutrient filled diet and comfortable living environment. To me, they are leading by example. They are reminding us that we as humans are capable of living harmoniously with other living things. If we work with nature, nature will work with us. Thank you, Mike and Brittany, for being the leaders of our generation.

~Geneva Damico

For more information about Mike and Brittany’s organic farm please check out their website:

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