Minh’s Living Tree

“It’s all about food and how you prepare it.”

When I found out Sean and I had been invited to a dinner party I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive. Don’t get me wrong, I love dinner parties, but this particular dinner party landed at the end of a day full of activities and a lot of driving. Basically, I didn’t feel prepared to sit at a dinner table and talk story with people I had just met. It turned out that my expectations were a little bit off. I wouldn’t be the one talking I would be the one learning.

“You are what you eat, eats.”

We arrived a little early to find the air full of a mouth-watering aroma and a handful of people finishing the last touches on food that appeared to be gourmet. My stomach growled a bit as the purpose of this dinner party became clearer. This was no meet and greet. This was a generous and tasty lesson on how to fuel our vehicles. I was officially introduced to “Minh’s Living Tree”. This is where Minh teaches “food as medicine”. Minh is a personal chef specializing in raw-fusion nutrition as well as an educator, consultant and elite trainer.

The first part of the lesson was to eat small samples of everything. The nutrient rich food was rich in flavor. The group of eager party goers gathered around munching, mumbling and anticipating what Minh, our wise host, had to say.

Part two of the lesson was instruction by Minh. He explained what we were eating, why and how. From the difference between using coconut oil versus other oils in food preparation to why cancer diagnoses are on the rise, Minh was an endless source of healthy food information. Sean and I had been taking steps to eating cleaner and healthier but after listening to Minh I realized we still had a lot to learn and many more steps to put into action.

The final part of the lesson was to prepare the food we had just tasted and learned about.
Minh managed to reach all five of our senses; taste, touch, smell, sound and sight. I left this “dinner party” with life lessons for the kitchen, knowledge that I will retain and a satisfied belly.

“How well you feel depends on your gut.”

A little food for your gut:

-Beets are edible raw! They are sweet and taste great in salad or as a snack. For more beet nutrition info: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2348/2

-The gastrointestinal tract is such an important part of our body’s homeostasis doctors specialize in it. For an excessive amount of GI health information check out this site, full of poopy goodness: http://www.gihealthfoundation.org

-Health benefits from coconut oil are endless. Go here to overwhelm your curiosity: http://coconutoil.com/

-We all know pure honey is good for us. Have you ever heard of Manuka Honey? I hadn’t until this dinner. Here is a resource full of sweet information about it: http://www.naturalnews.com/035959_manuka_honey_healing_medicine.html

(All quoted side notes were gathered during Minh’s presentation to the best of my ability. They may not be exact.)

Have I filled your head with questions? Awesome! E-mail me with them. If I don’t know the answer I will do my best to find it out.

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