Lotus Tribe Welcomes Spring Equinox

What better way to show our gratitude to the lengthening sunlight as we enter into spring than with sun salutations? 108 ways to reconnect with our appreciation for new growth, longer light, warmer days, melting snow and renewed energy. To many, the number 108 may seem completely random and maybe a bit much for this form of moving meditation. This number is significant in Buddhism and Hinduism showing up in many different forms and divisions. The most relatable, I found, for those of us who like facts is that the diameter of the sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth. There are so many more you should definitely find what makes sense to you at http://www.elephantjournal.com/2010/02/why-108-sun-salutations/


“We practice 108 rounds of Surya Namaskar as a way to offer our gratitude to the changing season, to realign with our authentic selves, to step into our passions, and to set off on a brave new direction. We do so in community with our brothers and sisters, full of love, joy and appreciation”  ~Karson McGinley, Co-Owner Happy-U Namaste, 200 hr E-RYT & RPYT



Looking over San Diego’s Harbor and the serene peace the big city seemed to hold we began our Surya Namaskar to a playlist of The Beatles. I was surrounded by beauty, the view, my fellow yogi’s and blooming flowers. We were all full of different emotions and feelings of excitement, anticipation and concern, just to name a few. This would be a first for most of us. What if I won’t be able to finish? But the goal here was not to do 108 sun salutations. The goal was to keep the fire burning, to keep the intention strong, to provide the power of our minds, to honor our universe, to welcome the changing of seasons into our life.

Spring_Equinox-7 Spring_Equinox-8

Karson kept count of each salutation with her 54 buttons and reined us back in when we would begin to lose focus.  During the 90 minutes there were moments of giggles, Beatles trivia and singing but mainly focus and silent determination trying to ignore our tiring muscles. I realized, at about ten rounds in, how false my perception of how doing 108 would feel and how long they would take. Inhaling and exhaling together was key and took us into a rhythmic pace that quietly offered encouragement to one another. We finished strong and ended with the sweet release of savasana.

Spring_Equinox-9 Spring_Equinox-10 Spring_Equinox-12

As we welcome the new life spring naturally allows to unfold before us, it is humbling to be reminded that our lives or forever changing. We can either embrace change, feeling honored that the universe allows us to have experiences, or we can see them as an annoyance to our daily routine we’ve worked hard to perfect. Either way, the beauty of it all is that only you, as an individual, get to make that choice.

Today I still feel small remnants of last week in my hamstrings but more so in my heart. It is an experience I will never forget and I highly encourage everyone to welcome the changing seasons with an open heart and to remember you always have an opportunity to find your passion and start fresh.


Happy Spring from the Lotus Tribe!


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