Joshua Tree Music Festival 2014

The Desert is Freedom, Music is Power, & Community is Crucial

You can walk up to anyone at the festival and ask, “Is this your first Joshua Tree Music Festival?” And if their answer is “No”, it will most likely follow with “I’m a lifer!” then a quick story about how captivated they were by their first experience.

My first experience was eye opening and life changing. I was introduced to JTMF by Sean Naugle. As you can see from these photos, he is one of the festival’s talented photographers. Thinking he needed to convince me to go, he showed me photos from previous years. Through the passion and beauty captured in his images I couldn’t wait to be welcomed into this culture and I was, instantly. I am now happy to say I just attended my third JTMF and definitely consider myself a lifer.

Culture is the perfect word to describe what JTMF cultivates. People from all over the world show up to be perfectly themselves in a community that holds no judgment while welcoming the most powerful and inspiring art in many forms.  From all day music, yoga and activities for kids to workshops, live painting and random drum circles, this gathering of souls manifests love, beauty and healing throughout three full days of desert living. The only difference for us this year was our tribe was beginning to grow, more friends, more family and more lifers.




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