People Inspiration: Guitar Hero


David always tells people, “I traded my rifle for my guitar”

What really gets me psyched on music is how it brings all types of people together, it’s a universal language that we could all probably use a little more of in our lives. Machin‘s  lead man David Macias plays guitar for fellow infantryman during his first deployment to Iraq as a Corpsman in 2005. David told me he spent his time serving with the infantry, notice how the rifles in the picture are all loaded. The picture was taken at the Government Center in Ar Ramadi Iraq during a visit from the Chaplain who owned the guitar he is playing. To me, this image really illustrates what our true human nature is, we need more love and good vibes in this world, not war.

Last October we had the honor of witnessing Machin (spanglish slang meaning “supremely excellent)  perform at the Joshua Tree Music Festival . Their musical style described as “spanglish jive,” is an electric combination of sounds ranging from ska, reggae, cumbia, gypsy, and dance. The band has been around since 2012 and has made a strong presence in the Coachella Valley and Morongo Basin. Here is a short clip of them performing courtesy of Black Owl Media

Social media really does connect people, I was attempting to identify all the musicians we photographed at the Joshua Tree Festival when I stumbled upon David’s Facebook account and came across the image pictured above. I asked David if it was him in the picture and if I could share it with the world because I thought it was a powerful image that people could really learn from. Thanks David for the inspiration and sharing your story 🙂


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