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Lately I have noticed that many of my friends are striving to change the way they live so they can live a happy life. Seeing this trend is inspiring and gives me motivation to continue on the same path. One perfect example of this is my climber friend Nick Chavis. Nick has given up the security of military life to pursue his rock climbing passion while providing athletes a nutritious snack.

Nick and his business partner/fellow climber, Connor Dykes have created a new granola bar called Psychbar. I was more than excited to try this new form of energy on my next adventure. I love the convenience of most bars but they are usually lacking in many aspects.

With no plans for a climbing trip in the near future and the fat and juicy looking Psychbars tempting me from my kitchen table, Sean and I decided to take them on a local hike. We loaded the dogs and bars into the Prius and started off on our mini-venture.

Iron Mountain is one of San Diego’s most popular medium-hard trails reaching almost 6 miles and providing a stunning 360 degree view of the county. Fun and as challenging as you want to make it we made it to the top with growling stomaches. With four different flavors to choose from we settled on sharing the “Pineapple Big Wave”, the ingredients of pineapple, coconut and macadamia just sounded delicious. The texture was surprisingly satisfying, the taste delightful and the moistness beyond comparison. Oh, and we only needed to eat one between the two of us!

I must admit I was nervous about trying my friends product because I want nothing more than to see fellow dreamers succeed. Now, I am so happy to get to share their accomplishment. Please try and share our new found treat!

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