Exploring Santee Boulders

Santee Boulders is one of our few choices for a short outdoor climbing day trip here in San Diego. Santee is really easy to get to, is only about a 20min drive from the coast, and the approach is mild if you take the right trail. Since Kelliann had just moved from Hawaii and this would be Sean Poynter’s first time rock climbing, Santee was the perfect location for the four of us to get outside.

Kelliann and I warmed up while Naugle went to look for the potentially lost Poynter. Kelliann started telling me how excited she was to be outside and to be climbing. She had expressed to me in the past that she was not a big fan of bouldering because of the risk factor and that she preferred to rope climb. This was coming from a girl who just got back from an ice climbing trip, which, to me, is one of the riskiest forms of climbing. Fortunately Santee soothed her nerves, got her outside and out of her comfort zone. I was stoked and her smile was contagious. We opened up the crash pad to sit on while we waited for the guys to find each other. After a few minutes we saw Poynter’s head peak over a ridge. We started laughing and waving as we realized he was definitely off trail. We were all back together and ready to climb. Poynter described his close encounter with a large rattle snake as we started preparing this world class surfer for his first climbing experience.

Athletes become better than average because of their passion, devotion, and motivation. We saw all of these characteristics explode out of Poynter as the difficulty of his first climb out weighed his strength and power. We watched him struggle, tried to give him tips and reassured him that this was no beginner route. We could see that his determination was, above all, what would cause him to be successful. After multiple tries and taking a good fall from the top (landing on his feet) Poynter completed his first bouldering route, the first climb of his life. He stood on top of the boulder with the look of relief, that he didn’t fall, and pure satisfaction that he conquered a physically and mentally challenging task. We now had two friends with huge smiles on their faces and another love to add to their already long list of outdoor activities.

We all walked back to the cars together, on the correct trail, thrilled about how the day turned out. On this simple climbing trip full of accomplishments I realized that my passion is only true, pure and fulfilling when shared with others.

Welcome to The Outside Way.

~Geneva Damico

For more about Santee bouldering visit http://www.mountainproject.com/v/santee-boulders/105915801

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