SUPer Moon Chasing

The Super Moon is something that everyone was talking about at work yesterday, some out of excitement but most out of dread. Dread because I work in an Emergency Department and it is a known fact that nights in the ER during a full moon are the craziest. No one could even imagine what kind of Sunday night the Super Moon would bring to an already frantic department. Fortunately, for me, I was getting off of my shift at 7pm that night, before the true chaos set in. I was personally excited for this moon because it was going to bring a night of new adventure and risk.

Driving south on the I-5 towards San Diego, listening to Bluegrass, I couldn’t get over how small I felt as the bright and massive moon peaked at us through the clouds. We knew we would miss the moonrise but we were hoping for clear skies. Sean Naugle wanted to take full moon photos of the night’s event. Growing up in the dense fog of Eureka, Ca provided few, if any, late night bay adventures as the bone chilling cold would typically trump motivation. My excitement and anticipation grew and the gnawing feeling of “What if I fall in?” began to set in. I had SUP’d with Sean Poynter a few times previously during the day without incident but I figured if I was going to fall in it would happen at the worst possible time. At night, on the bay, fully clothed, during the Super Moon.

We unloaded the Stand Up Paddle boards and carried them to the sandy beach of Coronado Bay. I stood for a second looking around taking in the thousands of sparkling lights of San Diego and the Coronado bridge. This was my first time on that side of the bridge. It was beautiful. As I watched Sean Poynter gracefully place his board into the black crystal water, hop on with ease and begin to paddle away as if it was second nature I thought to myself, “Crap, he made it look so easy, I better not fall in!”. After a few ugly and awkward attempts and deciding to scoot on  backwards I managed to roll myself onto the board with only a few splashes and I was up!

The water was like glass, the cold air had subsided, the wind was non existent, the clouds became dense at the horizon and only a faint glow of the moon was visible. It was perfect. We floated around, posed for the camera and took in the beauty of the magnificent bay. My paddle cut through the water as if it was a cloud, without resistance, I was in my happy place.

By the end of the night, almost falling in a handful of times, almost getting hooked by a nearby fisherman (which is ranked among my top greatest fears), and not once seeing the man in the moon, the adventure turned out to be a memorable one.  

~Geneva Damico


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