• Learning to Row on the Lower Kern River

      We recently acquired a sweet lightweight oar frame made by Welfelt Fabrications for our Hyside Paddlecat and have been testing it out on the lower Kern River. Weighing only 14 lbs, the frame plus the boat only weigh a combined 60 lbs which make it the perfect back country adventure rig

  • SUP’n and Duck’n the Lower Kern River

    It’s hard to believe it’s October with 80 degree temps and we still have plenty of water on the lower Kern River. Here is a snippet from an awesome day spent paddling a section of the Kern known as the “Picto” run.

  • Learning to Hard Shell on the Kern River

    Geneva and I had a chance to try whitewater kayaking for the first time thanks to our friends over at Kern River Tours and the amazing Tito family. It feels like taking off the training wheels on a bicycle for the first time transitioning from rafting to hard shell kayaking. Here

  • Paddling The Forks of the Kern River

    The Forks of the Kern River is a wild and beautiful stretch of whitewater that features 20 miles of almost continuous class III-V rapids located in Sequoia National Forest, California. Geneva and I paddled a Hyside Paddlecat and I like to think we had mostly clean lines 🙂 Here is

  • 10 Tips for Practicing Yoga Outside

    Practicing Yoga Outside Written By: Lena Schmidt/www.yoginilena.com Practicing yoga outside is one of the most magical things I enjoy doing. When I get on my mat or put my feet on the grass, the sand, the dirt, or on a rock out in nature, I breathe in fresh air and remember that

  • Nomad Life: Good Life

    Bend, OR It’s taken years but we’ve finally made it! Oregon has been on our list forever…yes, that’s a long time, they say patience is a virtue. As we were pondering our ongoing mission to get to Oregon earlier this summer, our friend Casey began telling us all about the amazing

  • Deschutes White Water: Meadow Camp R2, Video


  • Take Your Pup to the Trail

    Take Your Pup to the Trail Isn’t it the best when you get to do fun things with your best friend? Your dog thinks so too! One of my all time favorite pastimes is hiking with my dog. We try to get outside for a long nature walk once a

  • Nomad Life: Meet the River Gods

    Kernville, CA We can’t live without water and we die by the hands of it. The river and creeks are the veins while the ocean the pulse. It reminds us how small we are, how we’re all connected. We are drawn to its morphing beauty, it’s natural power, it’s life

  • Kern River White Water: Ant Canyon with Sean

    ANT CANYON, CLASS IV Rafters: Aaron Erdrich, Casey Tracht and Sean Naugle