Nomad Life: We Wander to Climb

Bishop, CA

The first time I was introduced to Bishop I barely knew what climbing was. I had only been climbing on top rope for short period of time. I remember the overwhelming greatness the Buttermilks displayed. The land was magnificent and I knew I was in over my head.  After many years later and many fun but personally disappointing Bishop trips I finally experienced what all the Buttermilk rage is about. Getting to the top.


It might be high and scary but, as I’ve always been told, it is definitely worth it.

We made one last visit to Bishop before the season changed and that visit changed my whole perception of “highball” and “slab” climbing. I have always struggled with bouldering. Psyching myself OUT of finishing a route was my usual routine when arriving to any bouldering area. During this particular trip I jumped out of my comfort zone.


We met up with Sean’s friend, Andrew. He was described to me as strong, full of energy, and constantly stoked. The description was perfect. Not only was he thrilled to be climbing he motivated everyone around him to feel the same while providing excellent spotting.


Bouldering is often thought of as an individual sport but teamwork plays a role in climbers getting to the top.


Between everyone’s encouragement and the overall excitement to be on rock all of us had a great time and I left feeling more accomplished than ever before. I got climb with the big boys and I got to the top!







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