People Inspiration: Amber

I met Amber while living in Hawaii. A 6 foot tall, strong, independent, absolutely gorgeous female all dressed up in her military attire, not going to lie, I was incredibly intimidated. What’s not to be intimidated about?! After letting down my guard to this sweet, generous and hilarious gal I found that we share an important vision that all women should embrace, EMPOWER EACH OTHER! Not something that always comes easy. For me it takes work and mindfulness, shoot it’s practically engrained in me to compete, compare and judge. Let’s help change this societal flaw! We as women should be motivating, encouraging and proud for one another because that is how we succeed. This, among many other reasons, is why Amber is full-on inspiring to us and we hope she ignites that fire in you too!

I am… “a questionable driver, bad at “matching” my clothes, totally in love with carnitas…but I’m also a veteran, a communicator, an athlete, bold, headstrong and full of life”.

I’m fighting for…. “others to realize themselves, love themselves and understand they are infinite in potential”.

I’d rather… “give than get. It’s a flaw, I’m learning to be humble and accept love and help with grace”.

I follow… “SO many cool people on Instagram!! Seriously, so many. I also follow my heart and my gut instinct. Even when logic argues, I still follow my heart. I learn something incredible every time”.

I eat… “the way you should. Organic, natural, probiotic and alkaline forming foods”.

I drink… “apple cider vinegar in hot ginger tea twice daily and a ton of water! Sometimes gin and tonics also happen”.

I sing… “AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS IN MY CAR AND FROM THE TOP OF MOUNTAINS! I also sing a rendition of Janis Joplin’s “Bobby McGee” with my Dad that’s awesome. I also sing my HEARTSONG, the one that you have to find inside your soul and sing loud for the world to hear”.

I always have… “LIPGLOSS. Period. Always”.

I dream of… “everything. My dreams are infinite and the possibilities I see each day in my imagination are literally endless. I dream about helping fellow veterans find balance and joy after suffering in war, I dream of helping people who are lost find their heartsongs, I dream of traveling the world and bringing the concepts of happiness and holistic health to various groups”.

I love to… “LOVE. Plain and simple. It’s the best, most amazing, fun, rewarding, spectacular thing in the world to do. We covet love for some reason and think it must be earned or we are afraid to hand it out with the fear that it may not be given back. But whatevs, life’s too short for that to be the case. The more you give out freely, the more the universe will pour into your heart. It’s a really easy thing”.

You should… “wake up each and every single day and ask yourself what you have done for humanity today and what ARE you going to do. We are here to take care of each other and learn from each other and we should love and give to one another. If you do it on a small scale or you can imagine it on a grand scale, no matter what…just go for it”.

Amber is full on infinite wisdom and life experience. A writer, artist, athlete, war veteran and student, you can find her running the trails of San Diego, elbow deep in paint or volunteering her time to help other war veterans. This is truly a lady on a Vision Quest and we are excited to share her light with you! You can follow her on FB:

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