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  • Shoulders For Boulders

    Shoulder Health for the Outdoor Athlete By: John Parker Exploring movement and sport in the great outdoors in nothing short of awe inspiring. Nature has a way of making us feel small – enhancing the connection we feel with the environment and our movement practice. The outdoor athlete develops a high level

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  • YOGA-grrrl (get it? Like ‘you go, girl!’), One Day at a Time

    One Day At A Time…or How Yoga Kinda Changed My Life Written by:  Hazel Juntilla Anzai It all started with a video of a man who seemed to overcome a lot of physical challenges (bad knees, bad back, couldn’t stand without braces/crutches…) through Yoga.  Now, as a Registered Nurse, my critical

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  • Treat Your Sinuses to Essential Oils this Season

    Ohh the Pressure! Naturally Help Your Sinuses Get through Winter…and Spring Written and photos by:Geneva Damico It’s been the same every fall and winter…except it’s been worse since we’ve been living in Ventura. Sean gets seasonal sinus pressure, sometimes with the lovely goopy drainage but mostly it’s just stuck in

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  • 5 Ways Yoga Changed Me- Physically

    5 Benefits of Yoga and How it Changed Me Written by: Geneva Damico Photography by: Sean Naugle When I ask others if they have tried yoga the response is usually “I can’t because….(insert excuse here).” I think back to when I was a brand new yogi. There were a lot of things

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