Yoga for the Wolves….

…and for the planet

Written by: Geneva Damico                         Photography by: Sean Naugle

The Outside Way teamed up with Shadowland Foundation and Nature’s Path Healing Center last month during the week of Earth Day for an hour of community yoga at Freedom Ranch in Lake Hughes, CA.

Shadowland Foundation is a learning/teaching center that provides education to people of all ages about the true nature of wolves. Paul and Colette Pondella founded Shadowland in 2009, creating a sanctuary for their pack of eight wolves where people can come, interact with and get to know these beautiful creatures  all while learning how vital they are for the planet. Wolves have been misunderstood for years and continue to go through periods of near extinction and overhunting. Throughout school we were all taught about ecosystems and the way everything living has a purpose to keep it running smoothly. So I knew this but when I watched the video below I was amazed at what a significant impact one type of animal can make. Well the wolves are just as important as the next creature, living in harmony and helping to maintain the delicate balance of Mother Earth. I strongly suggest that you watch/share the following short clip and leave comments below!

Yoga for the Planet was a success!

Small turnout (much bigger than I expected) and people of all ages. I was excited to be able to introduce yoga to some that had never done it, reintroduce to others that had forgotten how much they’d enjoyed it and to all that didn’t realize how much they’d been needing it. We focused on breathing in harmony with the earth, coming together for support, reconnecting with nature and balance. The wolves were on all of our minds, their gentle spirit and the ancient wisdom in their eyes leave us no choice but to reflect on what being human really means. This experience, for me, was nothing short of humbling and I left my new yogis and the proud pack with butterflies in my heart.


Now I know you want to take your children to have an experience with wolves, here’s how: Go to their website and see all of the opportunities they have to offer.

If you are just looking for solace or in search of a supportive community, Nature’s Path Healing Center may be just the place for that, check out their website:

If you are looking for someone to lead a donation based yoga class contact me:, hopefully I can help!

For more fantastic photos of wolves and yoga visit AshFire Photography’s Facebook page

ShadowlandWolves-1 ShadowlandWolves-3 ShadowlandWolves-4 ShadowlandWolves-5 ShadowlandWolves-6 ShadowlandWolves-7 ShadowlandWolves-8 ShadowlandWolves-9 Shadowland, Wolves, Yoga


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